Glowing Lines on Image – Photoshop Tutorial

January 11, 2021

In this Photoshop Effects Lesson, we will see how to add colorful streaks of light to a photograph. You’ve likely seen these light streaks utilized in promotions for everything from cleanser to cellphones, and truth be told they were utilized most as of late in a cool advertisement for another cellphone from Sprint and Samsung. Making them is as simple as drawing a way with Photoshop’s Pen Tool and afterward stroking the way with a brush, with a few straightforward layer styles used to add the genuine tone and light impact.

It’s all genuinely simple, however on the off chance that you’ve never utilized the Pen Tool or you don’t know how to draw ways, you should look at our Making Selections With The Pen Tool instructional exercise first, where I cover all you require to think about drawing and altering ways with the Pen.

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